Fujikawaguchiko in January

Fujikawaguchiko in January

Greet the New Year with Diamond Fuji

The New Year’s morning in Fujikawaguchiko starts with “Diamond Fuji,” which can be seen from the peak of Mt. Ryugatake near Lake Motosuko.
Diamond Fuji is a natural phenomenon resembling a diamond shining at the top of Mt. Fuji when the sun overlaps the summit at the moment of sunrise or sunset.

As Fujikawaguchiko Town is located on the northwestern foot of Mt. Fuji, the Diamond can be seen at the moment of sunrise. The location where you can see the phenomenon from changes day by day. The most famous sight throughout the year is that from the peak of Mt. Ryugatake, which can be seen around January 1.

Many people start climbing to the peak before sunrise and enjoy the first sunrise of the new year rising over Mt. Fuji on the first day of every year. A starting point of climbing is next to Motosuko Camp site on the lakeside of Lake Motosuko. If you come by car, use the public parking on the lakeside of Lake Motosuko.

Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks (Around Lake Kawaguchiko)

It is very cold around Fujikawaguchiko in midwinter, but this is not surprising as the town is situated at 830 to 902 meters above sea level. However, the town has many fun things you can enjoy especially in winter, despite the cold.

Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks is one of the famous events in the town in winter. The main venue is Oike Park on the lakeside of Lake Kawaguchiko, and fireworks are launched on Saturdays and Sundays from January 14 through February 19 and on February 23 (Thu), 2017, from the lakeside. The duration is for about 20 minutes, starting from 8 p.m. (tbd).

If you stay at a hotel or ryokan, seeing the fireworks from your room or an open-air bath while soaking in hot water is also a good way to enjoy. For inquiries about hotels and ryokan from which you can see the fireworks, contact the Tourist Information Center of Onsen Ryokan Cooperative (tel 0555-72-0346).

Saiko Juhyo Matsuri (Lake Saiko Ice Festival)

Following the fireworks festival, Saiko Juhyo Matsuri will take place in Saiko Yacho no Mori Koen (Wild Bird Forest Park) from mid-January to early February, the coldest time throughout the year.

A variety of gigantic ice objects are enjoyable to see during the event held from January 28 (Sat) to February 5 (Sun), 2017. Broiled red salmon (kokanee) with salt, which is a specialty of Lake Saiko, is offered, and other events are also held. The ice sculptures are lit up in the evening.

More Enjoyable Things in Fujikawaguchiko in Winter

Winter is a season of snow and ice.
The town does not have so much snow considering the low temperatures. However, once it snows, the snow will not melt soon and makes fine winter scenery.

You can enjoy the nice view of snowy Mt. Fuji in January, a month with the highest ratio of clear days.

You can see Mt. Fuji from everywhere in the town including from the lakesides, surrounding hiking trails, and ryokan. Among these various spots, the most recommended place is Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nenba, where thatched roof houses create a nostalgic atmosphere. Skiing, skating and other winter sports are also available.

If you come by car, please prepare winter tires or snow chains because snowy roads and icy roads are slippery.