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Winter Event Update

Although the weather outside is rather chilly, the charms of Fujikawaguchiko and the snow capped Mt.Fuji will warm your senses. Enjoy the traditional winter events of Fujikawaguchiko such as the winter illuminations; the famous winter weekend fireworks; the Lake Saiko ice and snow festival; and new events such as the "AKB Hotou 8" noodle fair, and the "Garoju" road of illumination trees.

Mt.Fuji Winter Events Details

December 2011 ~ March 2012 listings:
(see "events" section for more details)

1.FIREWORKS FESTIVAL: The annual winter weekend fireworks. Enjoy beautiful fireworks in the clear winter sky reflected on Lake Kawaguchiko.

2. WINTER ILLUMINATIONS: Enjoy various illuminations around the town including the "Niagara Wave" at Oishi Park; and "Garoju" road of illuminated trees.

3. SAIKO SNOW and ICE FESTIVAL: The trees and landscape at Saiko Wild Birds Park is transformed into ice sculptures and illuminated at night.

4. NEW YEARS WISHES: Pray for good luck at the "Winter Star Festival" and at the 7 deities of good luck shrines around Lake Kawaguchiko.

5. "AKB HOTOU 8": sample the local delicacy of thick noodle stew from 8 specially chosen vendors at the parking area of the fire works festival at Oike Park ( Saturday and Sunday February 4~5 ).