Nature tour of the unique "Aokigahara" forest of Mt.Fuji


The Aokigahara "sea of trees," is a unique forest created by the last eruption of Mt.Fuji. It is a treasure house of unique flaura and fauna, and it has unique tree shapes and characteristics and a touch of mystery as well. You can arrange for a professional guided tour of the forest, who can give you detailed information you otherwise would not notice. English speaking guides can be arranged with at least a days advanced notice for 2 or more people.

For reservations contact the Saiko bat cave:
0555-82-3111, or the Fujikawaguchiko sightseeing office:

Tours available from 1hr ~ 4hrs

Available tours of the forest are from 1hour ~ 4hour courses. Within this time frame there are 2 or 3 different trails and courses available.

Unique flora and fauna of Aokigahara

There are many rare plants and animals which can only be found in the "sea of trees" forest, Aokigahara.