Top page News Local Produce and Goods shop "Oishiya" Grand Opening (May 28th)


Local Produce and Goods shop "Oishiya" Grand Opening (May 28th)

May 28th is the grand opening of "Oishiiya" local foods shop at Oishi Park. Oishi Park is famous for it's view of Mt.Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko, and for it's seasonal flowers, especially summer lavendar.
You can get local farm produce, foods, crafts and other locally produced goods from the Oishi area.
The shop is run by members of the Oishi area local tourism association, so feel free to inquire about the area while shopping.
Check the web page in the future for updates and events.

Other Areas Selling Local Products

Other shops selling local produce in Fujikawuguchiko:

1) JA Farmers Mart: on the north side of Lake Kawaguchiko
in the Kawaguchiko area near the Art Museum.
Selling locally produced seasonal vegetables such as cucumber,tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and corn.

2) Katsuyama Road Station: In the Katsuyama area near "Koumi Koen" Park. The road station boasts restroom facilities, tourist information, restaurants, and the souvenier and local produce shop. Next to beautiful Koumi Koen Park at the lakeside.

JA North Kawaguchiko Farmers Mart

Katsuyama Road Station Market