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8 language information pages for foreign Independent tourists are available


8 language information pages for foreign Independent tourists are available.

Free Entrance to the Kawaguchiko Art Museum the 14th of Every Month


The Kawaguchiko Museum of Art is offering free admission to the museum on the 14th of every month (October will be on the 13th)

Enjoy the beautiful temporary and permanent exhibitions and photographs free of charge on these days.

Mt.Fuji Climbing Season Closing Information for Fujiyoshida Route


The Fujiyoshida Climibing Route from the 5th Station to the top of Mt.Fuji is closed from to the general public from September 2nd.
The Subaru line 5th Station to the Fujiyoshida Fifth Station entrance is closed from October the 1st.

Mt.Fuji Becomes World Cultural Heritage Site


On the 37th UNESCO World Committee Meeting, Mt.Fuji was granted World Cultural Heritage Status.
We thank all those involved in the promotion and registration of Mt.Fuji for World Heritage recognition, who worked hard for many years to reach this wonderful goal.

Mt.Fuji Forest Trail Run in Shojiko and Motosuko (October 26)


The annual forest trail run in Shojiko and Motosuko. Long and short courses for different levels of interest. The course runs through the beautiful forests of Mt.Fuji and the lakesides of Shojiko and Motosuko.

Click the link above for detailed information (in Japanese).

More details in the event section.

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Visit the power spots and pray for good fortune around Fujikawaguchiko


Visit the many power spots and places to pray for good fortune around Fujikawaguchiko and at the foot of the sacred Mt.Fuji.

"Fujimabushi" local cuisine tourism club promotion (from April 27th ~ )


The local club for tourism promotion has created the "fujimabushi" local cuisine challenge. Participating restaurants aim to create the original local cuisine of the Mt.Fuji area.

JR East 2day Multiple-Use "Visit Mt.Fuji" Pass (from July 1st~November 30th/2014)


JR East is introducing a 2day Multiple-Use pass for foreign travelers who want to visit or climb Mt.Fuji.
The limited time passes will be available from July 1st~October 31st

Fujikawaguchiko Resident Tamae Watanabe Becomes Oldest Woman to Climb Everest


Fujikawaguchiko resident Tamae Watanabe bested her old record to become the oldest woman at 74, to climb Mt.Everest.

Local Produce and Goods shop "Oishiya" Grand Opening (May 28th)


May 28th is the grand opening of "Oishiiya" local foods shop at Oishi Park.
You can get local farm produce, foods, crafts and other locally produced goods.

Get Your Mt.Fuji Climbing Certificate!


Mt.Fuji climbing certificate available for Japanese and Foreigners.
If you provide proof or your climb of Mt.Fuji you can recieve a certificate of your accomplishment.

"Kappa Meishi" local specialty dish


Try each shops variation of a local specialty.

Local venison dishes of Motosuko and Shojiko lakes


Fujikawaguchiko town offers various fresh dishes made from local game.

41st Mt.Fuji Photography Contest


The Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Association is now accepting entries for the annual Mt.Fuji photo contest. The contest takes on additional significance this year in honor of the designation of Mt.Fuji as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Electric Bicycle Rental in Kawaguchiko


From March, 2010, electric bicycles are available for rent in Kawaguchiko!

New Electric Car "Quick Charger" at Katsuyama Road Station!


Kikusui Electronics has donated an electric car "quick charger" to the Katsuyama Road Station, for free use.

Lavender sponge cake: the new creation at Kawaguchiko Herb Hall!


Last summer, the Kawaguchiko Herb Hall oponed its spong cake studio to offer the delicious cake made with local natural ingredients. This summer, from june 17th, it offers its "lavender sponge cake" variation.

Hi-Powered Electric Car Charger Installed at Town Office


In collaboration with Kikusui Electronics Co., Fujikawaguchiko Town has installed a hi-power electric car charger in the parking lot of the town ofice. The charger can be used free of charge, in a campaign to promote sustainability and tourism in the Fujikawaguchiko area.

9 New "best view points" of Mt.Fuji revealed!


The Fujikawaguchiko Web site has added 9 new view points of Mt.Fuji to its "best of" list, for a total off 22.

Nature tour of the unique "Aokigahara" forest of Mt.Fuji


Guided tour of the unique "Aokigahara" forest of Mt.Fuji, starting from the Saiko Bat Cave.