Aokigahara woodlands

Aokigahara woodlands

Aokigahara woodlands

There are countless lava caves to prove the incredible power of Mount Fuji ancient eruptions. Many of the Lake Saiko area’s features today were formed by Mount Fuji. Even the simplest feature of nature has a dramatic and complex history. The enjoy nature and learn at our own pace.

Nature guide

[Fujikawaguchiko Town approved nature guide through Aokigahara woodlands]
The unique aspect of the Aokigahara woodlands that spread out from northwest Mount Fuji is the fact that is has grown on top of cooled lava spat from Mount Fuji long ago. This is a world full of living things. However as of late, there have been those who enter the Aokigahara woodlands without a guide or a set path. There is a real possibility of causing damage to the forest if this continues. Fujikawaguchiko Town can help by appointing educated guides to guide visitors in a way that is absolutely informative, yet fun, and by doing so relieving the forest of as much damage and wear as possible. The Fujikawaguchiko appointed nature guide tour is a tour that you can peacefully stroll through the forest while hearing explanations and information about the Aokigahara woodlands from an expert who knows how to explain in a way that is informative yet easy to understand.

*For tour applications:
Saiko Bat-Cave Information Center 0555-82-3111

Guidance of a guided tour.

[With a Fujikawaguchiko Town selected guide, you can learn so much more]

■Fixed Time Tours
 An hourly guided tour starting from when the yellow Retro Bus arrives.
●Walk: Saiko Bat-Cave area. (55 minutes including explanations at various points)
●Departure: 5 minutes after the yellow Retro Bus arrives at Saiko Bat-Cave.
* Please confirm times and applications on the day of planned departure.

■Reservation Tours

A pre-booked guided tour with one of the following courses of your choice
Course Examples

●One-Hour Courses
 a) A forest walk to Yachō no mizu nomiba and finishing at the Saiko Bat-Cave front bus stop.
 b) A forest walk followed by a trip into the Bat-Cave.
●Two-Hour Course
a) From the Saiko Bat-Cave to Yachō no mizu nomiba and finally the Ryūgū caves.
b) From the Saiko Bat-Cave to Fugaku wind-caves
●Three-Hour Course – Type 1
Starting from a trip into the Saiko Bat-Cave, the Ryūgū caves, Yachō no mizu nomiba, and the Nenba lakeside.
* To enter the Saiko Bat-Cave costs a separate 300\, 250\ for groups over 20
●Three-Hour Course – Type 2
Starting from a trip from the Saiko Bat-Cave, Yachō no mizu nomiba, the Ryūgū caves, the autumn leaves platform, and finally the Saiko tourist village.
* This example course does not include entrance into the Bat-Cave.
* Depending on the tourist season, reservation for a guide may not be available due to high volume.We apologize for any inconvenience.

1.[Forest walks from Yachō no mizu nomiba to Saiko Bat-Cave, Yachō no Mori, Ryūgū cave, Fugakufū cave]
On foot 55 minutes, 50 minutes, 1 hour, and 1 hour 20 minutes respectively.
2.[From the Saiko’s Iyashinosato bus stop, ride the Retro Bus in the Lake Kawaguchiko direction]
The bus stop is approximately 8 minutes walk by footpath.
3.[From the Nenba lakeside, proceed to Saiko’s Yachō no Mori park.]
Approximately 20 minutes walk.


Fees: \500 per person per hour. (Reservation required)
Guide: As a rule, one guide per 10 customers.
Application: You must contact the Saiko Bat-Cave Information Center at least 2 days in advance, providing the date, time and number of customers you wish to reserve.
Minimum number of customers per application: 2
Inquiry Saiko Bat-Cave Information Center 0555-82-3111