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Mount Fuji, Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Shoujiko and Motosuko and surrounded by nature and the Aokigahara woodlands. Climbing Mount Fuji is an experience no-one should miss out on. Enjoy nature during a stroll through Aokigahara woodlands with an expert guide tour appointed by Fujikawaguchiko Town. There are all sorts of things to experience and enjoy, so let's have fun!  

The sacred Mount Fuji has attracted the hearts of people since ancient times. Rather than looking up at it from below, why not at least once try climbing Mount Fuji and looking down at it from the summit?

At the base of Mount Fuji, in the great stretches of forest, are trekking courses ranging from one that a beginner can easily stroll though to a course that will challenge even experienced veterans.

There are countless lava caves to prove the incredible power of Mount Fuji ancient eruptions. Many of the Lake Saiko area’s features today were formed by Mount Fuji. Even the simplest feature of nature has a dramatic and complex history. The enjoy nature and learn at our own pace.

Learning centers for studying nature and Mount Fuji are scattered across the region. Why not try spending some time to learn more about the world around you?